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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feel the love - passing on the Liebster

As the proud recipient of a Liebster Award (thanks again Total Immersion), it’s now my turn to nominate five blogs of my own and share the love. Every buggery blog I wanted to nominate had either already received the Liebster or has more than the allowed limit of 200 followers. Great blogs like Sticky Fingers, Millennium Housewife and perhaps my favourite blog of all times (but not posting so much lately - book deal? hope so) Not drowning, mothering  have just become too damn popular for their own good. And rightly so.

So here’s my pick of five not-already-awarded-and-not-yet-a-blogging-megastar-blogs:

1. Posted in Paris:  There are about a squillion blogs about Paris, but this one brings together lots of expat writer and shares basic practical information about living in France (how to use a laundry mat; useful French phrases, etc) as well as handy tips and hints about squeezing the very best out of Paris. Not a regular poster, but a good resource for foreigners in France and Paris alike.

2. Survive France:  Hilarious ex-pat blog of British woman and her family living in France. I have actually linked you straight to her shabby chic blog, so you can better appreciate this woman’s in depth understanding of French life. Also, lots of amusing drinking stories and poor parenting (often in the same blog), hence clearly good reading.

3. Sunshine and siesta:  great blog by young American woman who teaches English in Seville, Spain. I stumbled across this as we are planning a trip through that part of Spain later in the year. Great personal stories about her life as an expat, hints on traveling in Spain and tips on what to do and see in Seville. And fabulous photos.

4. Flowerpot Days: Sue Jackson is an incredible writer. She had been blogging for years about her life in Cornwall, her dogs, and her character of a husband Pip when quite suddenly, she lost her husband to cancer. She wrote a post about the day Pip died that is obviously emotional, but also very beautiful. Sue’s blog is not sad or mournful, and is often startlingly funny. Everyone copes in their own way, and her post about scattering her husband’s ashes made me laugh out loud. A very personal blog.

5. Finally From Cali to Oz: this chirpy blog details how Chris - an expat mum from the USA – is settling into life in Sydney, Australia with her husband and baby. Somehow it makes me feel less overwhelmed by all this day to day French foreignness when I get to have a laugh at how strange my own country appears through a pair of foreign eyes. See her blog about ‘the Hunter’ – that’s where we’re from!
Congratulations! And keep on blogging.


  1. Well thank you so much I am most flattered! And quite stunned by your description of my blog. My goodness, she mutters, going all pink....

  2. I am quite, quite flattered - thanks for the honor! Please do let me know if you've got any questions about Southern Spain - I'm all ears!

  3. I love your blog, and your photos are just brilliant. Keep up the good work, and trust me, I will be pumping you for info as we get closer to our travel date. Keep on blogging!


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